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Power supply is an important part of modern electronic design, and there are many available components on the market to help engineers design energy-saving and compact power products. These components range from discrete components such as simple diodes to complex power management ICs with advanced semiconductor architectures.
With 16 years of experience, Aipu owns the latest generation of R & D technology to design the high quality AC-DC、DC-DC module power supply.
As the COVID-19 breaking out all over the world, many medical equipments are lacked, not only the disposable masks, protective clothing and gloves. The most important device is the medical ventilators. As the scarcity of medical products, Aipu provides the medical power supply solution. We could provide high reliable power supply and series solution.
The electronica China Exhibatbion which takes place on 3 days from 3rd to 5th Jul.in National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai)
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