Aipulnion looks forward to meeting you in the Electronica India 2021


Aipulnion looks forward to meeting you in the Electronica India 2021

Founded in 2004, Aipulnion participates in the exhibitions of Electronica Shanghai and Electornica Shenzhen every year. This time we got in touch with Messe Muenchen India Private Limited, the organizer of Electronica India, and applied for booth A001, Hall3. Thank you very much Eletronica India Team for their great help and support. And we wish Electronica India a complete success.

Welcome all customers from India and other countries to our stall to discuss the problems encountered in ac/dc dc/dc converter products, hope we can provide you with greater help.

Booth number: PA02, Hall 3.

Aipulnion sincerely invites Indian agents to join. If you have been engaged in the agency work of power products or you are interested, please send an email to for further discussion.

Our products:

AC/DC Converter 1-200W 

DC/DC Converter 1-700W

Isolated transceiver module (RS485 series)


Electricity, IOT, EV Charging, Communation, Instrumentation, Railway, Power industry, Ship, Smart Home, Medical and so on.

Input Voltage Range for DC/DC converter

3.15-3.45vdc  4.75-5.25vdc  3.15-3.45vdc  4.75-5.25vdc  3.15-3.45vdc  4.75- 5.25vdc  2.97-3.63vdc  4.5-5.5vdc  10.8-13.2vdc 13.5-16.5vdc 21.6-26.4vdc  11.4-12.6vdc 22.8-25.2vdc  

4.5-9vdc  9-18vdc  18-36vdc  36-75vdc  9-36vdc 18-75vdc 4.74--28vdc 6.5-32vdc 15-32vdc 18-32vdc 4.75-28vdc 6.5-32vdc 15-32vdc 18-32vdc

72-144vdc 40-160vdc 200-1200vdc 100-1000vdc 250-1500vdc 

Output voltage for DC/DC Converter

Single output : 3.3vdc 5vdc 9vdc 12vdc 15vdc 24vdc 28vdc

Dual output: ±3.3vdc,, ±5vdc, ±9vdc , ±12vdc, ±15vdc, ±24vdc 

Triple/multiple output

Input Voltage Range for AC/DC converter

85-265VAC/ 120-380VDC   90-265VAC/ 127-380VDC   85-305VAC/120-430VDC  90-310VAC/127-438VDC  90-528VAC/ 100-745VDC  85-900VAC  100-265VAC/140-380VDC 


Standard Input: 100 v/110 v/120 v/127 v/220 v/230 v/240 v

Output for AC to DC converter

3.3vdc 5vdc 9vdc 12vdc 15vdc 24vdc 

Wide product line coverage and can be customized. Looking forward to long-term cooperation with you!